Five Years After Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station Disaster Looking Back, Chapter 1

Since 2011 to until now, what's happened in no-go zone.

It was happened Tohoku big earthquake and Fukushima nuke accident in Mar 11 2011. In the Fukushima no-go zone, survivors from Tsunami could not get any water, food and rescue. Some of them were pinned under the wreckage. Mountains, ocean, towns, animals, even people in Fukushima were contaminated by radiation.

Our members saw distressing spectacle when they got into the no-go zone for rescue dogs and cats. Since then houses and paved road are still destroyed. Almost cattle such as ostriches, pigs, caws ware looking for feed right after nuclear disaster. They were rescued until 2013, but almost of them died in the pen by poison, disease and hunger. I will mention next time the reason why human decided to kill animals.

People evacuated from Mountain side Namie and Iitate that even away from Fukushima nuclear plant. Pet and chickens were left behind there. I will never forget eighty of chickens how they cried when they got drinking water after a long time no water. In such area, inhabitant could get in the zone freely. However after made no-go zone they only have access to their home once a month. Hence many pets left behind or adopted. Many cats get a disease and only a cat grow if cats were born. I don't know the reason why.

After pink flowers and trees photo it is about 2014. It is survivor animals. We set up hidden infrared surveillance cameras to watch animals. We also feed and rescue them. Some old or disease dogs and cats are difficult to find adopter but we take good care of it. Also another animal shelters are doing as well. We try to rescue animals in the no-go zone even though the area close to the nuke plant. These area messed up by putting many decontamination bags and rail road bridge broken.
In Okuma town, cow rescuer organization " friends humane society "  have been rescued cows in the pen. These cow has given birth to two baby cows. We hope one day become the world value human and animals life.                                              English by Yoshi Yamagata




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原子力明るい未来のエネルギー ? 2011年 原発のある街

大熊町双葉病院まえで 患者さんだけ残された病院です

飢えと渇きに耐えた鶏 水!!

飯館村長泥高線量被ばく地区 2011年夏 この子たちは2~3年後に亡くなりました

高線量被ばく地区で シロもママも、1年たたずに亡くなりました 飯館村長泥部落

浪江町津島 5頭は親子です 時々の給食で生きています

ファミリーはバラバラになりました 子猫は保護されましたが病弱です

この子は3年護には亡くなりました 浪江町で 高線量被ばく地区

浪江町津島 2013年まで出入りができて急に閉鎖に 高線量被ばく地区



無人の町で生き抜いて 住民はたまに帰宅して、必死に餌を置きました



保護猫のシェルターで 奉仕活動があちこちで行われています

保護されても早くなくなった猫さん 飯館村長泥の子

福島第一原発 建屋の工事中




猫のキキちゃんを探してるんです ずっと、、

4年後まで生き抜いた猫 大熊町で


生き残った牛を生かしたい、、 ふるさとと心を守る友の会

生き残りの牛から生まれた赤ちゃん 2015年


良い子!大切な子! ミツオは飯館村比曽から