The height of summer .This is our activity report from July 26 to August 4

The height of summer has come to the evacuation zone in Fukushima as well.  Cats look boring in a cool room.
Where they had lived was 'difficult to return zone ' of Iidate village or Namie . As you could see in the pictures, the place was so beautiful .
 The next picture with mountains tells us the fact that growing bush has been covering hundreds of houses.
We helped friends humane society in Okuma town. 
A veterinary completed castration . . The cows has eating and mowing bush in fields of okuma people. Without cows, the fields would have been totally covered by huge bush and become jungle .
 Although most farm animals were killed after the nuclear power plant accident , a very few farm animals were able to survive under a rule.
They no longer has economic value, but now has something to leave to people in the future by living. 
There are some local people who care cats of each other . The cats with long hair in the pictures are cared, too.