On March 11, 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake, nuclear accident. Fukushirna has changed.
There are areas that people are no longer able to live by the radioactivity. However, there is a human heart and their hometown is still remaining.
There are a lot of creatures remain.
There are people who would want to bring their hometown back or there are people who are trying to rescue remaining life.

We have been rescued and helped dogs and cats who were left in the evacuation zone of Fukushima.
We would like to introduce what we saw, heard or felt by the people or animals and living nature in the evacuation area to convey as a message from the llfe.

Those who are interested, we want you to think that life of the future.

The activities in Fukushima, where there are no people in town and a village, we need to think a harrmony with the natural environment.

We hope to leave a message for the future to protect intangible important things, spirit and mind by act of fulfilling one’s duty as a human being.

In addition, please remember that widely in Fukushima Prefecture, there are many safe places where not contaminated with radioactivity.