Since 2011 to until now, what’s happened in no-go zone (No.1)

Since 2011 to until now, what's happened in no-go zone.
It was happened Tohoku big earthquake and Fukushima nuke accident in Mar 11 2011. In the Fukushima no-go zone, survivors from Tsunami could not get any water, food and rescue. Some of them were pinned under the wreckage. Mountains, ocean, towns, animals, even people in Fukushima were contaminated by radiation.

Our members saw distressing spectacle when they got into the no-go zone for rescue dogs and cats. Since then houses and paved road are still destroyed. Almost cattle such as ostriches, pigs, caws ware looking for feed right after nuclear disaster. They were rescued until 2013, but almost of them died in the pen by poison, disease and hunger. I will mention next time the reason why human decided to kill animals.