Let me talk about Bunnyann from Tsushima in Namie town.(2013~)

Bun-chan was 15 years old beautiful girl. She lived in a log house that her dad made with her family inTsushima . That day.. The wind brought the high concentration of radio active to their town. Still the house was in a dangerous zone, the government didn't tell them that they were in need of leaving there .. but in 2013 March 31, the government told them to leave . For Bun as a cat, or any of her family, didn't understand why they had to leave when the radiation is decreasing but not when there were high concentration of radio active.? They had a farewell party with neighbours on the day when they left home . Bun was brought to Tokyo alone . And she died in the morning of 2015 September 26. Before the day she passed away, we called her dad and mom. Her family were in a new house where Bun should have been lived with..and where Bun could have been happier than ever.
We are sorry that we didn't call your dad before it became late.. We are sorry Bun-nyan..
English by Iku Koike