Five Yeares After Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station Disaster Looking Back, Chapter 5

・A lonely cow in a deserted village. Dogs and cats were also often seen here until spring 2013.
Remains of a Shi Tzu who starved to death. Only the animal's fur remains.
As the pond water level dropped, the fish themselves became food for other animals.
・Residents were moved to evacuation areas. Some took their own lives.
One resident disemboweled himself. His former home was a flower patch.
・From 2013 until April 2016, this area is 20-35km from the downed nuclear power plant. One typical home.
・Cats and dogs struggling to stay alive.  Some cows kept alive through the kindness of humans.
・Radiation-scorched earth is scraped up and stored in these black bags, which are in turn piled up.  Frogs, moles, earthworms, insects and plants, trapped in the dirt, were shoved into the bags along with the farm soil that had protected this area for hundreds of years.  Schoolyards and mountainsides now house these bags.
Areas flooded by the tsunami are now huge storage locations for the bags, along with heavy machinery and automobiles.
・The radiation is now spreading from the forests.
On the other side of this national highway is a village.
・No one here to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Very few people come back.
There is more solar power here now.    ・Now a cat feeding zone, the view these days includes radiation meters.      A few people remain here.

English by  Judy Howland