Activity Report (March-May 2016, Fukushima)

* We came across two lost dogs in the government-designated “difficult-to-return” restricted zone in Namie. Their claws were worn down from constant wandering and foraging for food. A kindly Namie couple took them in. The traps set out by the hokenjo to catch dogs ended up trapping a fox and cats instead. We rescued the cats and released the foxes.   * The end of February brought with it melting snow and blossoming flowers. This is what our cat feeding and rescue efforts look like. We let the very cute Mr. Raccoon Dog go. One cat was too big for the small trap we had, so we loaded a larger one on the back of a truck, but we were unable to lure the cat into it.    *The Joban expressway has opened up, and radiation levels are displayed.   *Up in the “difficult-to-return” restricted zone of Okuma, we visited the members of Friends Humane Society, who care for the cows saved from culling and work to preserve the environment. The wonderful folks from Tsushima, Namie, helped them to build a brand-new ranch!!  We met these kind people through our work with dogs and cats, and despite being left essentially homeless themselves after the nuclear plant disaster, they selflessly helped us to help other living things. Other kind souls have taken in a mother cat and kitten to look after even as they continue to live in temporary housing. Still others came here from Miyakoji (Tamura-gun, Fukushima Pref.). They are all warm-hearted, good people. They talked about their hometowns, including the beautiful Abukuma mountain area.  * We brought 3 cats from the kind dog and cat rescuers in Namie back with us to Tokyo. People’s homes in the evacuated areas are being decontaminated, which is necessary for the inhabitants’ return. Unfortunately, homes will likely require multiple decontaminations before they can be lived in again. Here, we are presenting our activity reports and introducing local residents.

English by Judy Howland

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狐 はリリース We released a fox

犬用の捕獲機で保護しました This cat was helped by a trap for dog.

福寿草 Fukujusou

手七郎部落 Teshitirou buraku

森のレストラン a restrant in the forest

給食場 下が捕獲機 a feeding box and trap

大ちゃん。保護。 ♂ Dai-chan was rescued

狸はリリース We released a raccoon dog

犬用捕獲機で猫を誘います We setted a dog trap for cat

この猫は猫用捕獲機では保護できません This cat is very difficult to rescue by cat trap

常磐自動車道が開通しています 原発の近くを通ります Joban expressway is bild near the nuclear power station

Okuma town

ふるさとと心を守る友の会 friends humane society

荒れ果てた田畑に新しい放牧場を作りますThey are creating a new farm in a deserted bushful farmland in an evacuation zon…

殺処分から助けた牛で荒れた土地の環境保全 farmlands, bush of which was all mowed by cows who were saved from culling

ふるさとと心を守る友の会 friends humane society

津島と都路の人達が放牧場作りを手伝ってくれました local people helped to create a new farm

津島と都路の人達が放牧場作りを手伝ってくれました local people helped to create a new farm

津島と都路の人達が放牧場作りを手伝ってくれました local people helped to create a new farm

阿武隈山地のふるさとの話をしました We talked about ABUKUMA mountains valley their home town

ミネロ牧場 Minero farm

ミネロ牧場の猫家族を津島の方が助けています at Minero farm

阿武隈山地の(浪江町津島) ABUKUMA mountains valley

阿武隈山地の(浪江町津島) ABUKUMA mountains valley

阿武隈山地の(浪江町津島) ABUKUMA mountains valley