Tsunami and Nuclear power plant accident area,2011

These are the rare photos taken by a member of MIRAITOINOCHI, Nobuyuki Izawa, who initially went to the disaster striken areas to hand relief supplies and donation to the people. he saw how devastatingly tsunami hit, how catastrophically lives were lost, and how deeply humanbeings made sins in Fukushima; there were not only people but also animals who needed help. as a result, he decided to rescue weaker existences who became victims of man-made accident but left abandoned.
Whole parts will be translated in English later.

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南三陸町で、、 MInamisanriku Town

石巻市 Ishinomaki city

南相馬で避難されている皆さまに支援物資を届ける為、役所に届け出し証明書をもらいました。 After leave Minamisannriku town,  we went to Minamisoma…




当時、南相馬市の一部も原発被害警戒区域でした。ボランティア有志たちにより助け出された猫。 Some volunteers rescued cats and dogs.




当時、南相馬市の一部も原発被害警戒区域でした。ボランティア有志たちにより、そこから助け出された犬猫たちをボランティア団体に搬送しました。We transported rescued cats and…