Fukushima Activity Report (Sept-Oct 2016)

Okuma, Futaba, Namie
1.	Access to these areas remains limited, but we are able to continue our activities thanks to the cooperation of local residents.
2.	We have surveillance cameras set up in several homes in Futaba and Okuma, but despite sighting the cats on camera we have been unable to capture any. The pictures show the trap and feeding areas, as well as the harsh environment. 
3.	In Namie, decontamination workers cooperated with local residents to rescue 4 kittens. A group of Koriyama volunteers led by Maruko-san (an independent volunteer also devoted to helping displaced animals) also supported this rescue. We were heartbroken to learn that there was another kitten and mother, who we could not find. 
4.	Over in Tsushima, Namie, a local gent known for his harvesting skills lent a hand to create a feeding box. Thank you!
5.	In September, we helped the good folks at Friends Humane Fukushima move their farm to a new location. This group works to save the environment by allowing cows to graze. These aren’t just any cows—these lucky animals were saved from government-ordered extermination, and are living out their days on the farm. The cows were moved so they could work their magic on rougher pastures. Local residents also turned out to help the move to Koriyama. 
6.	Okuma has dorms for nuclear accident workers, but the human presence does little to dispel the inherent loneliness of the place. 
7.	There is a recovery farm started by a displaced dairy farmer in Fukushima city. It is a clean facility that has earned the trust of local residents, and also provides farming education. We helped with health checks and spay/neuter of some 11 cats on the property. On this day, B-san, a veteran cow farmer and Fukushima native, came to greet us. B-san always has news for us on the latest happenings in Fukushima. Thank you, B-san!
8.	Fall in Fukushima is truly a treasure trove of natural beauty, but thoughts of lonely, hungry cats out there are never far from our hearts. 

English by Judy Howland

Slide Show

JR常磐線は未開通 Joban national railway in Futaba Town

双葉町中心街 無人でした Futaba Town

猫の給食をしています 双葉町で We continue to feeding cats . Futaba Town

双葉町 Futaba Town

猫の捕獲機を設置 双葉町 Set the trap in Futaba Town

猫の給餌箱 場所により様々な工夫を Feeding places for cat in Okuma Town

猫が住んでいますが保護できませんでした Okuma Town

猫の給餌器 Feeding box

双葉町 Futaba Town

双葉町 Futaba Town

Namie Town

浪江町津島の中間貯蔵施設で Namie Town

空腹で車に飛び乗りました 浪江町津島 They were hungry . No-go zone of Namie Town.

人懐こい子猫たちでした 作業のおじさんありがとう!!幸せになるよ! We could rescue the kittens in no-go zone of Namie Town

浪江町津島で草刈名人の住民さん This person has been living in No-go zone in Namie Town for about 6 years

浪江町で餌箱作りHe helped us making a feeding box inNo-go zone of Namie Town

浪江町津島馬小屋で 捕獲機の用意を No-go zone of Namie Town. We tried to rescue the cats..but.. ...

給餌場のお掃除 Namie Town

大熊町 ふるさとと心を守る友の会 Friends Humane Society in Okuma Town

大熊町・原発から7Km 住民さんと Okuma Town

大熊町 ふるさとと心を守る友の会 In Okuma Town, Friends Humane Society

大熊町 ふるさとと心を守る友の会で In Okuma-Town, we visited the members of Friends Humane Society.

荒野の原発作業員の宿舎 Okuma Town

ベテラン牛飼いBさん ミネロ牧場で  Minero Farm in Fukusima City

福島市内の復興牧場で We helped to spay 6 cats in Fukushima city

浪江町の山間部 Mountain side of Namie Town

福島の秋は美しいです Beautiful autumn in Fukushima

2016 秋  2016 Tsushima Namie Town

狸 浪江町で We try to rescue cat but....

残る猫 Namie Town

2年間も保護できない子 We haven't been able to rescue him from no-go zone of Namie Town for 2 years

シャミーちゃん 浪江町で Shamie has been surviving in Namie Toun.